After Wes Andersons film “The Life Aquatic”.

If you haven´t seen it already, leave this page right now and go get it!


Gone, baby, I’m gone!

I’m traveling till march.
If you have any request concerning my work, please feel free to ask … but give me some time to respond, since I don’t have an internet access all the time!
I’ll open my calendar to make appointments for tattoos begin of march!
mille grazie


New sticker arrived!

If you want to get a hold on some of these, please write me an email, I’d be happy to send some over to you!


Where the sun sets … my new atelier!

Finally got a new atelier since a couple of weeks and I am enjoying the calm and quiet atmosphere a lot!
My atelier-mate is Clara Teresa, go and check her beautiful work!

You can find her here on facebook.



Mural on canvas

it should’ve been a mural, but the city wouldn’t allow us to paint on the wall, because the building is in the so-called historical city-ensemble … so we had to use canvas … but still a lot of fun and joy!


Berlin BoomBox

Late night work session on my version of the Berlin BoomBox!