The last dance. Timelapse video of my drawing for the very last “Waxlab”-Event. Always one of my favorite plans for the evening. Much lœv!

Millerntor-Gallery 2017

My wall at Millerntor-Gallery 2017 in FC St. Pauli´s very own Millerntor-Stadium. Millerntor-Gallery is an art exhibition to raise money and awareness for Viva con Agua´s water projects. If you don´t know any of them, ...

Gartenschau & KulturParcour 2017

Painting on a water weir in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm for “Natur in Pfaffenhofen”. It´s also part of Kulturparcour, where you can find different paintings and murals along the road.

Voice of Spring

Living at the bottom of the Bavarian Alps you have a garden full of birds. I was asked to give them a place inside a beautiful old house. Thank you, Marion & Tim.

Who´s a chicken now, huh!?

Done at HOWA-Jam 2015 in Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm. 2015. With BRNZN, Shao and Dot.

DOT // Erratica

Illustration for Dot´s new album “Erratica“. Ink on Paper. “Muted Trumpet” from Thomas Pynchon´s ‘The Crying of Lot 49’. Released by Anette Records 2015.    

Mural “Quod sumus, hoc eritis!”

A mural I did at “Lange Nacht der Kunst” in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm. The title “Quod sumus, hoc eritis!”  is Latin and means “What we are, you´ll become!”.  

Griesbad Galerie, Ulm

Four paintings in two days. I can be fast apparently! I made these paintings, 1.7 m x 1.7 m each, additional to my other work for my exhibition at Griesbad Gallery, Ulm. It´ll be open ...

COQ AU VIN // Wine-Label

Illustration as a basis for a wine-bottle label. Ink on paper. 2015

Mighty Mammut Movement // Shirt

Shirt-Design for Mighty Mammut Movement. Ink on paper. 2015

Sticker 2014

IBUG 2014

We took part on IBUG 2014 in Crimmitschau! Thanks to all of you!


A short video by Jordan Katz. Thanks to Novacane, Berlin BoomBox and Montana for making this happen!


Me and BRNZN painted this guy during “Friedensfest 2014” in Augsburg, Germany. Thanks to Montana Cans and Hochmuth for the support, to Grandhotel Cosmopolis for the love and freedom!

Pretty New Dress

Personal favorit! Ink on paper. 2014.

MRI – SüperBrain

I took an unusual look into myself and thought it might be worth a gif!


A colorful mash-up of my favorite flyer-designs.

Future Roots

Illustration for the upcoming “Future Roots”-Announcements  2014. Flyer & Poster-Design done by me as well.


A conglomeration of drawings I made for non-commercial reasons.

Blaue Flecken

Vinyl Postcard

East goes West

Personal project. Inspired by an article about China´s expanding economical interests.

Mighty Mammut Movement

Riot Riot Records

We love bass

A series of designs for We Love Bass.

Because We Care

Illustration & graphic design for a bar in Augsburg, Germany.


Commissioned painting. Acrylics on canvas. 2013